Why Blue Marble?

Blue Marble

We are named in homage to one of the most iconic images of all time… but few people know it as the Blue Marble. As the story goes, Apollo 17 was NASA’s last and most successful manned Moon mission. Within just a few hours of launch, the crew was 24,000 km away and could see an entire hemisphere of Earth which they described as looking like a blue marble. No humans since have been at a range where taking a single snapshot of the whole Earth has been possible: more recent images are photoshopped!

So the ‘Blue Marble’ was the first clear image of an illuminated face of the Earth. It changed the way people viewed the Earth, indeed for many the image was seen as a depiction of Earth’s frailty, vulnerability and isolation amid the expanse of space. To most eyes, it was also upside down…

We like this image because it reminds us about our raison d’être which is to shed new light and bring fresh perspective. Consumers and customers frequently present quite unexpected views: it’s all about understanding the context.