Lucy has always had a keen interest in the world around her, and what makes it work. A degree in Human Geography allowed her to explore this, setting her up for a career in social research, and she’s never looked back! Since graduating, she’s travelled far and wide trying to unearth deep, human insights. Highlights include exploring how GBV impacts women in Kurdistan, monitoring transmigration in Mexico, or understanding how NHS shortages are impacting the elderly in Preston.

Lucy enjoys using conversation to connect, and stands out for her personable and approachable demeanour, enabling her to effectively handle sensitive topics and engaging hard-to-reach audiences. As a result, she is deeply interested in research ethics and participant care, ensuring the well-being of individuals in research spaces.

When not out and about doing fieldwork, Lucy is a big bookworm, enjoys going for long country walks, and, out of necessity, spends a lot of time putting her questionable DIY skills into practice.