Whilst living and studying psychology in the US for 5 years, Kathrynn became intrigued by cognitive science, developing an academic interest in memory, personality, and sleep. Pursuing her interests, Kathrynn moved to the UK to study an MSc in Brain Imaging and Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of Birmingham, where she received training in analysing behavioural data with quantitative and neuroscientific approaches.

After finishing her studies, Kathrynn wanted to apply her academic knowledge in helping businesses and people in everyday life, and found Blue Marble to be the ideal next destination. Kathrynn hopes to enhance her research and analytical skills in both quantitative and qualitative approaches, while gaining insights into wider issues impacting global society.

Outside of work Kathrynn can be found frequently visiting cinemas, practicing video editing, and trying out puzzle games. Having studied theatre and Hollywood music for two years, Kathrynn is also an avid fan of film scores – particularly music by Hans Zimmer.