Having read English Language and Literature at the University of Oxford, Evie continued to explore her passion for how people communicate and make sense of the world by studying an MA in Gender Society and Representation at UCL. This provided access to the fascinating world of the social sciences, and a passion for research was born!

Her Masters dissertation used depth interviews and community mapping to explore gendered space in public and private gyms, an area of research which has previously been largely unexplored.  Particular research interests outside of gender include human geography, global health and social policy.

Evie became part of the team at Blue Marble to further deepen her research abilities and is excited to obtain all the new skills that accompany working on a broad range of projects using qualitative and quantitative methods.

Outside of work, Evie can be found gradually making her way through vast piles of novels obtained in a previous role as a bookseller, in the gym training for weightlifting competitions or engaging in tourist activities having recently moved to London.