My background is in Psychology, with a passion for learning how people think, feel and experience the world around them. I started my career with 6 years working at the University of Cambridge doing academic research. My first love of qualitative research came from working on research into parent’s lived experience of the transition to parenthood, and observational work of infant attachment and development, at the Centre for Family Research. My quantitative skills grew in a second role working for the Behaviour Change by Design programme, at the Department of Public Health, which investigated the effectiveness of interventions aimed at changing people’s health-related behaviours, such as smoking, drinking and eating unhealthily. Behaviour change, and the impact of the environment we live in on our motivation, capability and opportunity to change our behaviour, is something I’m hugely interested in.
Moving away from academia, I enjoyed the switch to agency life, working for a FMCG-specialised market research agency, testing brands, concepts, and managing sensory panels.
Having joined Blue Marble in Spring 2023, I’m very much looking forward to getting stuck in to a wide range of qualitative and quantitative research.