Amelie is a qualitative research, engagement and consultation practitioner, drawing upon her experience as a former local Councillor and over a decade in agency settings. She works regularly across utilities, infrastructure and the public sector, with a particular interest in environmental, sustainability and net zero issues. Joining Blue Marble at the start of 2023, previous clients include BEIS, Bristol Water, Cadent, Eirgrid, National Grid, National Highways, Notting Hill Genesis and Wales & West Utilities.

Amelie champions public and stakeholder involvement in decision-making and policy formation, and values deliberative and participatory methodologies to explore complex and future-oriented subjects. From quick turn-around focus groups and depths, to directing multi-year, mixed-method engagement programmes and national public dialogue, Amelie is a proactive and collaborative professional.

Amelie is a firm believer in the power of coffee and cake to support a good conversation.