We've included below some examples of the work that we do.

Policy & Regulation

Working both for regulators and companies in regulated sectors, we understand the particular challenges of research in this field.

Regulator-facing research risks becoming a tick box exercise: we mitigate this risk by designing research that enables customers/citizens to engage with the subject matter. We help clients to translate policy detail or business plans into plain English; design deliberative research events and have developed innovative tools to ensure the data is meaningful.

Community & Stakeholder Engagement

Market research can represent much more than collecting data and insight; it can be part of an organisation’s armoury to engage customers, staff and stakeholders. The principles of participative research underpin our approaches.

  • Making participation more experiential by running consultation events, or using existing events
  • Bringing our clients and their stakeholders/communities together in deliberative events and workshops.
  • Being inclusive – which can involve large samples, census approaches & hard to reach audiences.
  • Communicating with stakeholders at all stages of the process. From the outset: the reasons for the consultation exercise, to the end point: the actions resulting from the research.

Sustainability & Ethics

Blue Marble’s core business is working for brands and businesses who have a sustainability, environmental and/or ethical dimensions. And for organizations who are moving from a purely CSR agenda to the all-encompassing need for sustainability. We work in this field in many contexts.

  • Commercial: developing and testing the most credible and compelling ‘ethical’ positionings which add value to the brand and to the bottom line.
  • Regulatory: evaluating attitudes and adoption of sustainable behaviours.
  • Environmental: measuring both economic value and quality of life
  • Communications: using research to inform the message and channel to various customer segments.

Communications & Branding

At the heart of our experience, we have worked with many brand and customer teams.

  • To provide insight supporting brand and campaign development.
  • To evaluate campaigns and customer/stakeholder communications.
  • To benchmark and measure behaviour change in relation to public information campaigns.
  • To measure trends and successes via tracking studies