Are we seeing the weak signals of an alternative future?

As C.S.Lewis observed: ‘Day by day nothing changes but when you look back everything is different.’ This is true for most people most of the time, because life is experienced in a context of normality. But after the last few extraordinary months that have plunged all of us into a new context, what will we see when

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CCW’s latest report, authored by Blue Marble

This has been a fascinating project for any research agency to conduct: having the opportunity to ask a large sample of people what they find meaningful in the research context. We’ve applied this to the water sector which  as an industry continually evolves and innovates in the way it engages consumers. But it also covers the core principles

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Public attitudes to lockdown – and what do we want to do now?

Three quarters of Britons (72%) say they are likely to visit an elderly friend or relative once lockdown is relaxed and it becomes possible to do so – new poll from research agency Blue Marble. Three in five (60%) say that they are likely to go to a pub, restaurant or bar once it becomes

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Through the keyhole: how households are interpreting the politics of the outbreak

“The Government is keeping people updated every day. They are extending lockdown, for the better.” “[The] Government knew from an emergency drill that there was a lack of PPE four years ago, but did nothing.” We’re now in the fifth week of our coronavirus lockdown research. We’ve seen the unequal impact of the crisis, the

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