Who we are.

Blue Marble Research Ltd was established in 2007. We conduct market research that has a strong emphasis on providing clear direction to our clients. After all, it is the solutions, opportunities and planning implications that make well-designed research commercially and strategically valuable.

We are multidisciplinary, using the full suite of research methodologies, some of which are outlined below. Of course, we’re always exploring new techniques and/or partnerships in our quest for fresh insight and in 2024 became part of the EMB Group to further support our growth.

Qualitative and ethnographic

  • Group discussions, deliberative events, creative workshops and online forums
  • Depth interviews, accompanied shops, consumer Vlogs
  • Observation, ‘In the moment’ interviews, consumer diaries


  • Ad hoc and tracking surveys
  • Segmentation and complex analysis
  • Online, phone, face to face and omnibus surveys

Desk research & literature reviews

  • Triangulation of multiple data sources
  • Mining existing data to identify insight gaps and opportunities
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